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How does an impact crusher work?

An impact crusher is a machine used for breaking down large rocks into smaller pieces by impacting them with the force of certain wear parts.The working principle of an impact crusher revolves around the rotor, which is a heavy-duty steel drum fitted with beaters that rotate at high speeds. The material is fed into the chamber from above and is impacted by the rotor's centrifugal force as it rotates.

Impact crusher working principle

impact crusher

Feed Material Entry: The feed material is introduced into the crushing chamber from above, typically through a feed chute or hopper. The material may be fed directly into the center of the rotor or distributed across the width of the rotor.

Rotor and Beaters: The rotor is the central component of the impact crusher and is typically mounted horizontally. It is equipped with a series of beaters or hammers that are attached to the rotor's circumference. These beaters are free to swing or pivot on the rotor shaft.

Impact Crushing: As the rotor rotates at high speeds, the centrifugal force generated by the rotation causes the beaters to swing outward and impact the incoming feed material. This impact crushes the material against the stationary anvils or breaker plates located within the crushing chamber.

Crushing Chamber: The crushing chamber is the area where the impact takes place. It is typically lined with durable materials such as manganese steel or high-chrome iron to withstand the high impact forces generated during crushing.


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