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How does the impact crusher work

An impact crusher is a type of crushing machine that utilizes the impact energy to break or crush materials. It is commonly used in industries like mining, construction, and recycling to reduce the size of various materials. The working principle of an impact crusher involves the following key components and processes:

Rotor: The central component of an impact crusher is the rotor, which consists of a series of hammers or blow bars attached to a rotating shaft. The rotor spins at high speeds, typically between 500 to 1,800 revolutions per minute (RPM), depending on the design and application.

Feed Material: Material to be crushed is fed into the impact crusher through a feeding hopper or chute. The size and type of the feed material can vary widely, including rocks, ores, concrete, and more.

impact crusher

Impact Crushing: As the rotor rotates, the hammers or blow bars attached to it strike the incoming feed material. The high-speed impact of these hammers against the material causes it to break into smaller pieces. This crushing action is what gives the impact crusher its name.

Impact Zone: The area where the hammers or blow bars make contact with the feed material is known as the impact zone. It's where the initial crushing takes place.

Crushing Chamber: Impact crushers have a chamber where the crushed material is held until it reaches the desired size. The chamber can have various configurations, such as open or closed, and the shape of the chamber can affect the final product size and quality.

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Discharge: Once the material has been sufficiently crushed, it exits the crusher through a discharge opening at the bottom of the machine. The size of the discharge opening can be adjusted to control the final product size.

Crushing Efficiency: The efficiency of an impact crusher depends on factors such as the rotor speed, the size and shape of the hammers or blow bars, the feed material's hardness and size, and the crushing chamber configuration. Proper adjustment of these parameters can optimize the crusher's performance.


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