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What are the different types of tractor clutch disc ?

Tractor clutch discs, also known as clutch plates or friction discs, are essential components of a tractor’s clutch system. They play a crucial role in transmitting power from the engine to the transmission and ultimately to the tractor’s wheels. Different types of tractor clutch discs are designed to meet specific requirements based on tractor design, application, and power output.

Tractor clutch disc types

Single-Dry Clutch Disc

This is the most basic type of clutch disc found in many tractors. It consists of a single friction disc and is used in low to medium horsepower tractors. Single-dry clutch discs are economical but may not handle heavy loads or intense usage.

Single-Wet Clutch Disc

Single-wet clutch discs have a friction disc that is immersed in oil. The oil helps dissipate heat and reduce wear, making them suitable for tractors with higher horsepower and heavy-duty applications. These discs are more durable and have a longer lifespan than dry discs.

Dual Clutch Disc

Dual clutch systems are commonly used in higher horsepower tractors. They consist of two separate clutch discs in one assembly: a primary disc for the main transmission and a secondary disc for the power take-off (PTO). Dual clutch systems allow for smoother shifting between gears and engaging the PTO without disengaging the main transmission.

Ceramic Clutch Disc

Ceramic clutch discs are designed for heavy-duty and high-performance tractors. They have a friction surface made of ceramic material, which offers excellent heat resistance and durability. These discs are suitable for demanding applications where high torque and power transmission are required.


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