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What fields are slewing bearings used in?

Slewing bearings, also known as turntable bearings or slewing rings, are specialized bearings designed to handle axial, radial, and moment loads simultaneously. They consist of an inner and outer ring, rolling elements, and sometimes gear teeth for gear-driven applications. Slewing bearings find application in a variety of industries due to their ability to support heavy loads, facilitate smooth rotation, and accommodate complex movements. 

Slewing bearings applications

Slewing bearings

Construction Machinery

Excavators and Cranes: Slewing bearings are extensively used in excavators and cranes for their ability to support heavy loads and provide smooth rotation, allowing the equipment to turn and lift with precision.

Wind Turbines

Pitch and Yaw Systems: Slewing bearings are employed in the pitch and yaw systems of wind turbines. They allow the turbine blades to be adjusted for optimal wind capture (pitch control) and enable the entire turbine to rotate to face the wind (yaw control).

Mining Equipment

Bucket Wheel Excavators: Slewing bearings are used in bucket wheel excavators to facilitate the rotation of the massive bucket wheel, allowing efficient excavation in mining operations.

Material Handling Equipment

Cranes and Conveyor Systems: Slewing bearings play a critical role in cranes and conveyor systems, enabling the rotation of the load and facilitating the movement of materials in various directions.


Industrial Robots: Slewing bearings are integral components in the joints of industrial robots. They enable precise and controlled movement, allowing robots to perform tasks with accuracy in manufacturing processes.


Satellite and Radar Systems: Slewing bearings are used in satellite and radar systems to facilitate the rotation of antennas and sensors, allowing them to track celestial bodies or monitor specific areas.


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