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What are the precautions for the installation of steel structure projects?

Steel structures are widely used in large workshops, stadiums, super high-rises and other fields because of their light weight and easy construction. Due to their wide application, what should the installer pay attention to during the installation process? Next, steel structure manufacturers will Introduce in detail the precautions for steel structure installation.

Strictly control the material

For the installation of steel structure workshop, the material is very important. It is necessary to strictly close the door. The variety, model, specification and quality of the steel should meet the design requirements and the current relevant national product standards, and can only be used after passing the random sampling retest. In addition, electrodes, welders and fluxes with matching factory certificates should be selected according to the steel grade.

Strictly control the quality of professionals

The installation of the structure factory is mainly connected by welding rivets and bolts. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on checking the technical qualification certificates of welders and crane workers and other special types of work, the operation safety certificate, and the qualification and validity period of the certificate issuing unit. At the same time, the project department established a quality assurance system, implemented three inspection systems, and required technicians to obtain certification.

Pay attention to steel structure connections

Steel structure refers to a structure in which parts or parts are made of steel (steel, plate), and then connected together by a certain connection method. The quality of the connection directly affects the safety of the entire structure. Correct selection of connection methods and reasonable design of connection forms are an important part of the installation of steel structures. Reasonable connection design should comply with the principles of safety, simple structure, clear electrical conductivity, convenient construction, and steel saving.

Structural installation to be buried anchor bolt offset

Embedded anchor bolts are a key work item on the installation and construction site of the steel structure workshop, and the construction unit must be required to prepare and construct a special construction plan.

Steel structure installation should pay attention to the deviation of parts assembly

Because components deform during transportation and stacking; flexural deformation may occur after lifting, and accumulated errors during installation may lead to deviations in component assembly. Therefore, effective protection measures should be taken during the loading and transportation process of parts, and the loading and unloading stack must be level. The lifting position of large parts should be confirmed by calculation. After the deviation is found, it is necessary to find the reason in time and adjust it properly.

If the deviation is found to be too large during the installation process, it must not be forcibly corrected or expanded at will. The design should be submitted and technical corrective measures should be taken to solve it.

The above are some common precautions about the installation of steel structures, I hope to be helpful to everyone.

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