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What is the process of tempering flat glass tempering furnace?

flat glass tempering furnace is a specialized industrial machine used to heat and cool flat glass sheets in a controlled manner, enhancing their strength and safety properties. Here’s an overview of the process and key features:

Overview of the Tempering Process

flat glass tempering furnace


The glass sheets are heated to a temperature of approximately 620-680 degrees Celsius (1148-1256 degrees Fahrenheit), which is near the glass's softening point.

The heating is done uniformly to ensure even temperature distribution across the entire glass sheet.


After reaching the desired temperature, the glass is rapidly cooled using high-pressure air jets.

The rapid cooling causes the surface of the glass to solidify quickly while the interior remains slightly warmer and more fluid for a short time.

This process creates compressive stresses on the surface and tensile stresses in the interior, giving the tempered glass its strength.

Key Features of a Flat Glass Tempering Furnace

flat glass tempering furnace

Heating Section:

Usually consists of electric heating elements or gas burners.

Equipped with precise temperature control systems to maintain uniform heating.

Quenching Section:

Comprises a series of air nozzles that blow high-pressure air onto the heated glass.

Designed to cool the glass rapidly and uniformly.


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