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How to select crossed cylindrical roller bearings

Selecting the appropriate crossed cylindrical roller bearings involves considering several crucial factors to ensure optimal performance and reliability in your specific application. Here are the key steps and factors to consider when selecting crossed cylindrical roller bearings.

Crossed cylindrical roller bearing selection

crossed cylindrical roller bearings

1. Determine the Application Requirements

Load Requirements: Calculate both radial and axial loads that the bearings will need to support. Ensure that the selected bearings have sufficient load-carrying capacity for the application.

Speed Requirements: Consider the rotational speed at which the bearings will operate. High-speed applications may require bearings with special designs or materials.

Accuracy and Precision: Determine the required level of precision and accuracy for your application. Crossed cylindrical roller bearings are known for their high precision, making them suitable for precision machinery and robotics.

2. Choose the Right Size and Configuration

Bearing Size: Based on the calculated loads and speeds, select a bearing size that can handle the loads while operating within the desired speed range.

Internal Design: Consider different internal designs, such as separable and non-separable bearings, based on the ease of installation and maintenance requirements.


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